The highlight of a journey to Rajasthan hasn't found itself immortalized in a photograph here. Wandering the narrow and noisy, hilly and winding streets just off Lake Pichola in Udaipur, is my dream of India. Even though I took many photos on these streets not one was as good as the event itself. Actually, the event too wore out fast to the constant verbal assaults of the various vendors. I stayed at a 17th Century haveli -- a haveli is an old mansion -- now converted to a hotel. The Jagat Niwas fronts on the lake and backs onto the streets -- quiet in my room and with a commanding view, but with accessibility to numerous shops as well as to rooftop restaurants, the city palace, and the lovely Vishnu Jagdish temple.

In 1990 I skirted the eastern border of Rajasthan on a train trip from Bombay to Delhi, stopping at the capital, Jaipur. It was here I heard of the beauty and romance of Udaipur and since then I've desired to see if it measured up to its reputation. Once you're there, of course -- or anywhere -- you forget the reputation and just indulge in what you get.

Other highlights: wandering unpaved streets in the desert city of Jaisalmer, a camel ride nearby, the artistry of painted havelis, a number of spectacular Jain temples -- in Jaisalmer, Mount Abu, and Ranakpur, halting walks through palaces and forts, dinners with one beer between us at restaurants placed for the view -- and for the photo opportunities -- with my Rajasthan traveling companion Rich Anderson, long drives on the wrong side of the road with a competent driver, and many friendly people who didn't seem to mind me and my camera.