Going out with a camera means my attention will be on objects and people I would like to capture in a photograph,  and on what of them I would like to see there.

My life in Berkeley isn't like that; it's much more casual; I only go out with an agenda when I'm food shopping. In contrast to traveling, therefore, when I always have a camera with me, at home I only occasionally take my equipment along.

The photographs in the pictures of berkeley gallery were taken prior to 2010. Since then I've updated cameras twice - the second time to full frame - and lenses multiple times. Each update means that I have to take the equipment with me and explore their performance - within the thirty day time constraint for returns just in case they don't work out. The photos in the berkeley too gallery are, at least partly, a product of this activity.

I often wander into new areas when I'm with camera and take photos of places I haven't taken before. Occasionally I'll find myself in an event, either intentionally or accidentally, and vanish as one of many also using their cameras. I especially appreciate the opportunity to photograph people at events because, when there are many cameras out, people are less conscious of being a "target". It allows me to believe I'm in a foreign country where the native ignores the tourist and I can happily snap away.