WELCOME to Paul's travel photography show.

For the past 50 or so years I've roamed the world, from time to time - listening, observing, encountering, avoiding or trying to avoid, engaging or trying to engage, well or ill, comfortable or not, homesick or content - being, in other words, a traveler. When I crossed the Atlantic for the first time, in 1967, on a passenger-freighter bound for Tangier, I couldn't have known that it would be the start of a type of adventure I would return to repeatedly. I was away for 6 months that time and I came back with a lot of memories - bedbug bites in Tangier, first view of the Parthenon, the Wailing Wall and then sick from too much halvah in Jerusalem, drinking out of the Ganges in Rishikesh, stoned on hash in Hong Kong. A lot of memories and no pictures. I resolved to remedy that - and this website is one result of that resolution.

Eventually I bought a camera and began the process of learning how to appreciate a subject - having an exotic and fascinating subject helps - and to convert that appreciation into a fine photograph.

Most of these photographs have been taken since 1975 although the earliest photos in the show date from 1962. The photographs before 2000 were taken with a variety of cameras using slide film; the slides were scanned with a dedicated slide scanner. Photos from 2004-2015 were taken with a Canon cropped-frame digital camera with a Sigma or a Canon lens. The newest photos were taken with a Canon full-frame digital camera. Digital files were processed with Adobe Photoshop 7, CS5, or CC.

Photoportals.com is a great way to travel with me. You get the virtual advantage - because it's easier you can put all your attention into the pleasure of it.