A new gallery is an opportunity for rejoicing.

Now you can be introduced to what lies beneath the surface of photoportals.com without having to dig into each gallery.

It's a similar situation to what we would have wished for in the time of the mythical slide show: a flyer that showed us the one or two photographic highlights. Then we would have known why we were about to snub our prospective hosts. The disadvantage is that we might have missed photographs that could have made our day. There is no disadvantage here - all the other galleries are ripe for the digging.

The 49 photos in the favorite photographs gallery are just a portion of the highlights that are now available. Although you'll have to look more closely to identify the original, you can find other favorites in the compositions galleries in our new website kapiloffphotography.com.

As always, I owe the deepest debt of gratitude to my website enabler, Linda Lieb, aka dragonfiredesign.com, for her design skills and her friendship.