The gallery contains photos taken recently as well as photos taken when I first arrived in California 50 years ago. It's not meant to be representative of the panorama of sensory, cultural, environmental, esthetic, and spiritual wealth that California is. These photos are from Carmel and the Big Sur coast, Muir Woods and the town of Guerneville, and Yosemite and several other Sierra sites. For urban interest see my pictures of berkeley gallery.

As with all my other travels -- in fact, as with all travels and most photography -- the best pictures are opportunistic: the eye sees, the mind likes, the finger clicks. In other words, I see something that communicates itself to me and, if I'm able, I "capture" it. It's a spontaneous and organic process. The selection and editing take place afterwards. Hopefully the individual photos and the gallery as a whole speak to you -- they do to me.