India is as colorful and lively as I remember it - although it's only been a few years since I last indulged. Visiting flower markets and temples is most likely to produce that impression because the spontaneous blending of flowers, gods, and people is the notable measure of the pulse of India.

Worshippers appear at the temple to honor the gods with the presentation of flowers and food. They commune with the god by giving food and flowers to the priests and to the statues as representatives of the god. The priest evokes the presence of the god with flowers and food and fire and he blesses the people with markings, flowers, and prasad. It's a joyous exchange.

Most of the photos I considered for the south india 2019 gallery are of people: the people of India seem to be better than most in carrying their candor with them. The image of the god, likewise, seems to say - to me, at least - "There's nothing going on here that isn't going on there".